​ProScape® 19-0-6 33% MESA® Trimec®/Dimension® contains MESA® for extended feeding

Post emergent & preemergent weed control

Hand-Held Spreaders

Grass seed, fertilizer & mulch all in one for quick and easy repair of lawn bare spots or new lawns

One bag covers 5,000 sq ft

​Ideal balance of fertilizer for today’s high quality turf requirements

Continuously feeds the turf for up to 10-12 weeks

Contains an improved 3-way formula with Trimec™ which provides broadleaf weed control of more than 200 lawn weeds 

​Controls dandelions and over 250 other broadleaf weeds in lawns while feeding your lawn with 35% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer

Give your lawns a head start this spring by applying a high efficiency lime

Fertilize and Weed Control

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4th generation 
Improved color, even stronger resistance to brown patch, heat, drought and winter, and increased rhizome growth 

​ProScape® 25-0-12 100% MESA® + 100% Expo®

The most efficient in slow release technologies

Brilliant color, quick response and long term feeding

$16.99 ea

2 for $32

4 for $60

Heat treated lawn & garden mulch

Easy to use

Environmentally friendly

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Controls crabgrass both BEFORE and AFTER it germinates all season long

Also controls bittercress, spurge, chickweed, henbit and many other grassy and broadleaf weeds

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Broadcast Spreaders


Germinates quickly to fill in damaged lawns

Contains Black Beauty Tall Fescues, elite Kentucky Bluegrass and elite Perennial Ryegrass

Drought tolerant for sun and shady areas

Natural vibrant dark green color

Used by sod growers

Turf-type tall fescue

Produces a more attractive and denser  turf than the courser types

It's time to get working on rejuvenating your lawn:  

  • Seed
  • Fertilize
  • Apply Weed Control