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Fall Magic™ Mixture is specially formulated for successful fall seeding for both established  & new lawns; produces a dark-green lawn; and is great for sunny as well as shady areas.

Lucerne Farms Premium Ground Cover is heat treated lawn & garden mulch; a special blend of straw, Timothy Hay & Alfalfa free of weed seeds that gives back to the soil, offers ideal decomposition rates, & conserves moisture.

Turf-type tall fescue; brown patch resistance & heat tolerance enables it to maintain an attractive dense turf into fall when many other varieties will have thinned out.

​Black Beauty™ produces a darker-green turf naturally.  With improved disease resistance and drought tolerance, Black Beauty Grass redefines what a “green-lawn” is supposed to look like! 

Seed and Repair

ProScape® 25-0-12 with 100% MESA® + 100% Expo® uses the most efficient slow release technology; provides brilliant color, quick response and long term feeding.

Soil pH Test Kit

Easy, do-it-yourself, kit to determine your soil pH in order to grow and maintain a healthy lawn. Includes instructions on adjusting soil pH, and desirable pH ranges for lawns, flowers, vegetables and shrubs. Results in 5 minutes.

Hand-Held  & Broadcast Spreaders

This combination product contains grass seed, fertilizer and mulch all in one.  For quick and easy repair of lawn bare spots or new lawns.  Use in sun and shade areas. 

MAG-I-CAL® specifically formulated for lawns in acidic soil; rapidly raises pH improving the health of your lawn, & can be applied anytime during the growing season. One bag of MAG-I-CAL® equals up to 15 bags of limestone.

​Green-Up Weed & Feed Lawn Food 21-0-3 controls broadleaf weeds in lawns while feeding your lawn with 35% slow-release nitrogen fertilizer; feeds desirable grasses longer while weeds gradually disappear; apply in the spring and fall. 

Crabgrass Preventer plus New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer 10-15-10 prevents crabgrass & grassy weeds from germinating; you can plant grass seed same day without injuring seedlings; slow-release nitrogen feeds new seedlings gently & longer.

​New formula controls over 25 lawn pests, including grubs and surface feeding insects; for use on lawns, flower beds and ornamentals.  One application kills grubs all season long.

Fertilize and Weed and Insect Control

All natural & organic, Love Your Soil stimulates soil microbes & creates a biologically healthy soil; helps to loosen heavy, hard packed soils, & releases trapped nutrients. 

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4th generation Titan variety with
deep roots, improved color, even stronger resistance to brown patch, heat, drought & winter, plus increased self-repairing rhizomes.

Green-Up Lawn Food 29-0-3 is an ideal balance of fertilizer for today’s high quality turf requirements.  Has the added benefit of Green-Meter Technology with 40% slow-release nitrogen, which continuously feeds the turf for up to 10-12 weeks.

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