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‚ÄčAt Tanglewood Garden Center we carry an array of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs best suited for home landscaping in our geographic area.  

Consider Azaleas and Dogwood trees for spring color.  Crepe Myrtles bloom all summer and Camellias yield big, beautiful blooms in the fall.  Add elegance and uniqueness to your yard and flower beds with topiaries and Japanese Maples.

Rosebushes add gorgeous color.  We carry Knockout Roses, Hybrid Tea roses and Climbers in an array of colors.

Annuals, Herbs & Vegetable Plants & Seeds

Trees & Shrubs

Perennials are plants that come back year after year.  They are are must-have addition  to any garden or planter providing color and texture, and blend beautifully with a mixture of annuals and shrubs.  Tanglewood Garden Center focuses on some of the newest varieties as well as carrying the most popular varieties.  

‚ÄčOrnamental grasses are a perfect accent in any flower bed and come in various sizes and colors from brilliant green to deep purple.   Other perennials yield colorful flowers and can be low growing or grow as high as 3' or more.


Annuals provide colorful flowers for one season and are perfect for adding brilliant color to flower beds, hanging baskets and flower pots.  Tanglewood Garden Center features Proven Winners and other exceptional varieties to bring the most color to your yard and planters.  

Create your own planter with your favorite mix of flowers or choose from our preplanted magnificent planters and hanging baskets

We also carry Home Grown Gourmet Herbs and Vegetable plants and Botanical Interest Flower & Vegetable Seed.  Stop by for a copy of our free Vegetable Planting Guide.

At our garden center you will find the finest plants, premium garden products and helpful service!